Board of Trustees

Churchill Center & School is a not-for-profit institution governed by a Board of Trustees that is responsible for the policies and finances of the school.

The Churchill Board of Trustees is comprised of current parents, past parents, and community leaders who are elected by members of the board. Members serve three-year terms and may be elected to a second term, but may not serve three terms consecutively.

The Director of the school is employed by the Board and is responsible for carrying out policies in the day-to-day operation of the school. These responsibilities include hiring all personnel as well as determining student placements, teacher assignments, facility utilization, and curriculum.

The Board has several standing committees, which work on behalf of the entire Board to meet the current and future needs of the school. These committees include: Buildings and Grounds, Development, Executive, Finance, Strategic Planning, and Trustees.

Churchill Celebrates 40 Years!

2021-2022 Board of Trustees

  • Phyllis A. Hartrich, President
  • Julie Stanley, Vice President
  • Matt Courtney, Treasurer
  • Ginny Orthwein, Secretary
  • Preston Amos
  • Art Bond
  • Jim Charmley
  • Brian Dull
  • Jodie Finney
  • Steven J. Gordon
  • Nicole Gore
  • Zachary Kratofil
  • Sarah McDaniel
  • Kurt Mollet
  • Danny Orthwein
  • Jaclyn Pollnow
  • Asim Raza
  • Sarah Roche
  • Scott Stephens
  • Peter S. Villhard
  • Lisa Walshauser
  • Brian Witherspoon
  • Rebecca Schulz, President, Parents Association
  • Darby Hogan Hille, President, Alumni Association

Honorary Life Members

  • Mrs. Perry Streett, Founder
  • Mrs. Bonnie Summers Wolfarth, Founder
  • Ms. Sandra K. Gilligan, Founding Director Emeritus

Ex-Officio Members

  • Anne Evers, Head of School
  • Beth Brookshier, Director of Finance
  • Christina Weyers, Development Director

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Churchill's proven methods and well-trained faculty change the lives of children who struggle with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning disabilities.