Speaker Series

Each year, Churchill Center & School invites parents, professionals, and the community to learn from nationally recognized speakers in the field of learning disabilities, child development, and learning.

Speakers are the most prominent professionals in their field, and have shared their insights and methods with students, alumni, parents, educators, and other local community members.

Past Speakers Include:

  • Drs. Bennett and Sally Shaywitz, The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity
  • Rick Lavoie, Learning Consultant
  • Dr. Jerome Schultz, Anxiety Disorders Expert
  • Dr. Michael Thompson, Author and Psychologist Specializing in Children and Families
  • Ben Foss, Author and Founder of Headstrong Nation
  • Barbara Wilson, Author and Co-Founder of Wilson Language Training®

For more information on Churchill’s Speaker Series, check out our upcoming events below or email Mary Brotherton at mbrotherton@churchillstl.org.

Reviews from Speaker Series Attendees:

  • “Rick’s amazing stories that keep you learning were so beneficial!”
    – Speaker Series Attendee: Rick Lavoie, Educator Session
  • “Benefitted from expanding my knowledge on different tools and techniques to help my child learn.”
    – Speaker Series Attendee: Barbara Wilson, Parent Session
  • “Ben was great about explaining how to let go of the ‘dyslexic’ hang-ups.”
    – Speaker Series Attendee: Ben Foss, General Session
  • “We have so many kids who have anxiety and now I feel more knowledgeable in how to help them.”
    – Speaker Series Attendee: Jerome Schultz, PhD., Educator Session
  • Ms. Jessica Minahan’s workshop on “Practical Strategies for Reducing Anxiety or Oppositional Behavior” was the most helpful seminar I have attended in recent history. The strategies she presented were practical and Ms. Minahan was knowledgeable and engaging. Thank you for providing such a quality professional development.”
    – Speaker Series Attendee: Judy Niehaus, Clinical Therapist

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Sarah Ward Presents “The 360 Thinking Model: Breakthrough Strategies to Develop Independent Executive Function Skill”

Sandra K. Gilligan School Partnerships & Outreach Program
2022-2023 Speakers Series

Speaker: Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP
Presentation: The 360 Thinking Model: Breakthrough Strategies to Develop Independent Executive Function Skills
When: Monday, October 17, 2022
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Where: Churchill Center & School | 1021 Municipal Center Drive Town & Country, MO 63131
Details: No cost to attend | Lunch provided | Must register!

• Do you have students who are disorganized and may not have the materials they need or even turn in the homework they have completed?
• Is their desk space, locker or backpack a 'black hole' for papers and materials?
• Do you observe students who struggle to "stop and read the room" and meet the demands of the situation?
• Or do you see students who struggle to initiate complex academic assignments, procrastinate and then run out of time to do their 'best work'?
• Do you see students who are constantly multitasking, so tasks/assignments take twice as long as they should?
• Do you wish your student had a sense of urgency when it comes to time so that tasks are completed, and routines to get out the door or to the next class happen on time?
• Does it seem that they have an inability to breakdown the demands of an assignment and a sense of how to start?
• Do students seem prompt dependent? Are you constantly reminding them of the materials they need and the steps to take?

Whether your student needs to complete tasks, classwork, or homework, in this practical strategies seminar you will learn concrete tools to help students to manage their attention, time and materials to successfully record, break down, complete and close out tasks. Help students keep pace and make timely transitions and follow routines. Practical strategies will be given to help with the initiation of difficult assignments and to ensure work is returned in a timely manner. Prevent overwhelm and teach students how to accurately size up assignments and accurately determine the time required to do the work. Learn dozens of practical strategies to support students in developing independent executive function skills to self-regulate and manage impulses!

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For questions or more information about Churchill Center & School’s Sandra K. Gilligan School Partnerships & Outreach Program, contact Mary Brotherton, Director of Sandra K. Gilligan School Partnerships & Outreach Program, at 314-997-4343 or mbrotherton@churchillstl.org.

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