You don’t need a learning disability diagnosis, and you don’t have to be enrolled at Churchill full-time to take advantage of Churchill’s comprehensive tutoring and consultation services.


Our tutoring staff is comprised of certified teachers who have trained and worked at Churchill Center & School, many of whom are full-time Churchill staff members.

We teach students to be active learners and self-advocates. The type of tutoring provided varies with the needs of each student. We charge an hourly tutoring rate. Unlike many tutoring “chains,” we do not require that you sign a contract specifying a specific number of sessions.

Tutoring Services at Churchill

Tutoring services consist of individual sessions that focus on the following.

The remediation of skills, including:

  • Reading/spelling
  • Written expression
  • Mathematics

The development of study and organizational skills, including:

  • Study skills
  • Homework
  • Time management/organizational skills

Sessions are conducted one to five days a week, usually for 60 minutes per session. The frequency and length of the sessions are determined by the tutor in conjunction with the parents and/or individual involved.

Churchill tutors do not tutor in the homes of students. Tutoring sessions are held at Churchill Center & School or at a public library.


After each 20 hours of tutoring, you may request tutorial summaries written to document the student’s progress, status and further recommendations. These will be done without an additional charge.

Other types of written documents requested by parents are charged as consultations based on the time involved in preparing the document. Some parents request work packets or homework for the child to do at home. Preparation of such work packets will be billed at the consultation rate.

Fees and Payments

The school will bill you directly at the end of each month for services provided.


These are additional services we provide that do not fall under the category of tutoring, but are many times necessary for coordination of a child’s tutorial program.

  • School/Teacher Conferences: At your request, the tutor will travel to your child’s school to discuss recommendations with teachers and to participate in Educational Review Plan meetings.
  • Conferences with Other Professionals: Many children are seen by other professionals. The tutor is available to confer with these professionals.

Although tutors can be reached by phone, matters which require lengthy discussions should be done in person through our consultation service. Please make an appointment ahead of time, rather than trying to catch the tutor before or after your child’s tutorial session.

There is an additional charge for consultative services not covered by the hourly tutoring charges.

Request tutoring

For questions or more information about Churchill Center & School’s tutoring services, contact Cathy Wiesehan, Tutoring Services Supervisor, at 314-997-4343 x210 or cwiesehan@churchillstl.org or fill out the form below.

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For questions or more information about Churchill Center & School’s tutoring services, contact Cathy Wiesehan, Tutoring Services Supervisor, at 314-997-4343 x210 or cwiesehan@churchillstl.org.

Churchill's proven methods and well-trained faculty change the lives of children who struggle with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning disabilities.