Wilson Reading System® 4th Edition Launch

IDA’s (International Dyslexia Association) Annual International Conference is the premier professional development conference dedicated to dyslexia. The conference brings in experts from all over the world to educate attendees on the latest research, remediation and more.

Churchill Founder and Director Sandi Gilligan, Outreach Director Mary Brotherton, Admissions Director Anne Evers and Auditory Visual Supervisor Christa Dieckmann attended this 4-day reading, literacy and learning conference in Atlanta in November 2017 as an opportunity for further educational growth, education, research and sharing.

While attending the IDA conference, Wilson Language Training® (WLT) hosted a reception that Sandi, Mary, Anne and Christa attended. During this event, Wilson publicly announced the publication and launch of the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) 4th Edition in early 2018!

Building on over 30 years of proven success, the WRS 4th Edition will provide teachers with explicit guidance and resources in word structure, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. With this new edition, Wilson has ensured that the teacher and student resources incorporate all the research-based best practices that have been part of their teacher professional learning courses for many years.


Churchill Center & School is proud to be one of only 7 Wilson Language Training® and Wilson® Accredited Partner schools in the nation, and is VERY excited for this new 4th Edition Launch!


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