Peacebuilders In Our Community


The Women’s Bakery helps women open bakeries in their own communities.

At Churchill Center & School, the mission of our Bulldogs for Peace program is to create a community where everyone feels accepted, safe and valued. We seek out, honor and recognize students who are being kind, helpful and supportive as our Peacebuilders!

Markey Culver is a Churchill Alumna who decided to make a positive effect on others’ lives- and has!

Markey is the Founder and Director of The Women’s Bakery. Together with her team, she is empowering women across East Africa by partnering with and educating them on how to operate successful bakeries in their own communities.

Thank you Markey for being the ultimate Peacebuilder!



Please continue reading and listen to how Markey is making a HUGE difference in the lives of these women and their families.


TEDx Presentation in St. Louis from october 2017

KSDK’s Mike Bush’s “Making a Difference” News Segment from March 2018



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