Drew Heffner

Alumnus and Alumni Parent
Drew Heffner
“Churchill did not merely teach me to read at grade level; the academic success I achieved at Churchill translated into confidence in the classroom and led me to be able to obtain degrees from both Colby College and Washington University School of Law.”

“Now, as the father of a Churchill alumnus, I watched the same cycle occur with my own son,” Heffner continues. “Based upon my own experience, I knew it was the right place for him and, in just a short time, I was able to see major growth in his confidence and happiness.”

Drew Heffner is a proud member of Churchill Center & School’s class of 1987. He currently works as an associate county counselor with St. Charles County, Missouri, where he acts as legal counsel to the county’s Department of Corrections, Election Authority, Division of Building and Code Enforcement, and Division of Humane Services. He also serves as a municipal prosecutor for code enforcement. Drew and his wife, Heather, are parents to Churchill alumnus student, Duncan.

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