Paul S. Simons, MD

Specialist in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Associate Professor of Pediatrics Washington University School of Medicine
Paul S. Simons, MD
“The St. Louis community is very lucky to have access to the extraordinary services and educationally sophisticated resources of Churchill Center & School. ”

“Churchill Center & School is a tremendous community asset,” Dr. Simons continues. “In my 32 years of experience as a pediatrician specializing in developmental and behavioral pediatrics, I have witnessed the positive impact of Churchill Center & School for many of my patients. Churchill’s individualized attention approach helps students improve academic skills and gives students the understanding of how they learn. The teacher training that Churchill provides to area schools furthers the message that every child can learn if the child is taught in the appropriate manner for that child’s neurocognitive profile. One of Churchill’s Outreach components, Terri’s Tutors, provides free tutoring to childhood cancer survivors.”

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