Rick Lavoie, MA, MEd

Executive Producer of "The F.A.T. City Workshop," Author of "It's So Much Work to be Your Friend," Visiting Professor at Simmons College in Boston
Rick Lavoie, MA, MEd
“I’ve dealt with dozens and dozens of institutions like Churchill and it’s head and shoulders above most of them.”

“One of the things that I’ve always admired about Churchill under Sandi Gilligan’s leadership is their willingness to change, to look at new research and decide that there might be some things we’ve done for years, but maybe there’s a more effective way to go,” Lavoie continues. “Sandi has always been so generous with opening doors to other teachers, along with running workshops and seminars for local educators and parents.”

Rick Lavoie has served as an administrator of residential programs for children with special needs since 1972. He holds three degrees in special education and has served as an adjunct professor or visiting lecturer at numerous universities including Syracuse, Harvard, Manhattanville College, University of Alabama, University of Melbourne, and Georgetown. Rick serves as a consultant on learning disabilities to several agencies and organizations including Public Broadcasting Service, New York Times, National Center for Learning Disabilities, Girl Scouts of America, Child Magazine, and WETA. He is a member of the Professional Advisor Board of the Learning Disabilities Association.

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